NoScript is a Firefox extension to disable javascript from being run. One day the author, Giorgio Maone, became greedy and steathily unblocked his site from Adblock just to get to the ad money. You see, every time NoScript was updated it would open the NoScript changelog page which, shockingly, was full of ads – meaning money for Giorgio.

Things to install

Here is a list of things to do when installing a new system: Windows VLC Firefox + Adblock + Flashblock Flash Disable Flash updates OpenOffice Set default save formats for OO Linux Adblock + Flashblock Install the following aptitude install mc pidgin x11vnc p7zip-full p7zip-rar k3b vlc gstreamer0.10-plugins-good gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly Uninstall the following aptitude purge [...]


Telling your favorite search engine to search for adobe hate and you’ll get over 9 million hits in return.


There really isn’t any one category of evil that Microsoft haven’t been into. Lying, stealing, cheating, getting convicted by the DOJ – Microsoft has done it all!


Lying, bullying and being driven by marketers is par for the course for the biggest CPU manufacturer in the world.


Nvidia has rebranded GPUs: changed the name of an old card to something newer and then raised the price.

15 bucks

Originally posted by a whoabot (706122) on Slashdot, regarding the high prices of music and movies that result in people not buying them. Okay, so they wouldn’t get to finance the sequel. So? So they would be out of jobs. So? They would work somewhere else. Who cares? They do, but that’s their problem. Everyone [...]

Sharing calendars in Ical

Apple’s Ical cannot read and write from the same online calendar. This is a workaround, assuming that there is only one person who updates the calendar.

Flashback Ignore

Flashback Ignore är ett Greasemonkey skript som används för att verkligen sätta folk på ignore. Alla deras inlägg, inlägg som citerar dem samt deras trådar försvinner. Ladda hem skriptet Skriptet finns att ladda hem från userscripts. Hur man använder skriptet Installera Besök Flashback. Öppna about:config, sök efter flashback_ignore och där bör du se några inställningar. [...]

Installing CorsixTH and Theme Hospital

For those of you who have heard of Theme Hospital, there is an open-source clone called CorsixTH. This tutorial is about how to download and install the second playable beta of CorsixTH.