There should be a general responsibility to punish those who break the law and manufacture things unethically. Unfortunately there is no such notion among the general public so punishment must be meted out by myself in the only legal way possible: boycotts.

The boycott category is a collection of illegal and unethical doings of various companies that I should keep track of. Breaking laws, like Microsoft does, lying about old hardware being new (Intel and Nvidia) or producing constantly-updating shit (Adobe) are equally deserving of getting put on my boycott list.

Once a company is on my boycott list I’ll avoid their products as much as I possibly can. Sometimes that’s difficult, such as the case of a friend of mine being locked-in to, say, Windows because of non-cross platform software. Generally, though, I refuse to give criminals and assholes any money.

Now that introductions are over, go right ahead and browse the boycott category.